Catamount Connections, in partnership with The Grow Bennington Initiative, are fundraising for the transformation of the beautiful downtown park across from The Clip Shop (referred to as "Merchants Park") into a beautiful multi-purpose park space with seating, green area, and.... an interactive water feature: "SPLASH PAD"

With so much wonderful activity and growth in Bennington, we are excited to see the potential of this beautiful space realized. Centrally located, within walking distance of many shops, eateries, schools, and neighborhoods - Merchants Park is an ideal place to meet a friend for lunch, a playdate, a workday reprieve, and a nice cool-off walk through the fountains on a hot day.

The plans for the "Reimagined" Downtown Park are a result of the efforts of public input sessions, community surveys, professional engineers and designers. With the partnership of Catamount Connections, Grow Bennington, Bennington Downtown Alliance, and the Town of Bennington, progress is moving quickly!! In order to take full advantage of grant opportunities, we need to come together and raise the funds to get the splash pad installed this year.

community drawings during "Promise Community" grant meetings - showing an interactive water feature as a wish for Bennington

drawings of a Reimagined Merchants Park, including seating, green space, splash pad, and more! - courtesy of Jeff Goldstone, Goldstone Architecture


Meet some of the fundraisers that are part of this campaign

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